Choosing a Hard Or Soft Pickup Truck Tonneau Cover

Hard or soft top covers? That’s a tough question to answer most people will have their own favorites and won’t be swayed away from them no matter what anyone else says. Hard or soft they will both have their good and bad points.

The hard top for example is much better at keeping the elements out and has better security. The drawback is that, if you carry larger objects it’s not so easy to take the top off and access to the front of your bed box can be quite difficult so if you want something from the front your going to have to work hard to get it.

The soft top however allows a much easier access to the truck’s bed and it’s weather resistance is nearly just as good. But as for security? Well, think about it- one slash with a knife they have access. The old saying out of sight out of mind doesn’t really cut it with a soft top.

So the dilemma still stands if you haul larger goods but still want security which do you choose? There is a company out there that is addressing the situation. They are one of the leading manufacturers of tonneau covers and are constantly reviewing customer’s needs. They understand that it’s not enough to just turn out quality items in a highly competitive market. They have come up with an idea that not only incorporates a quality cover, but a cargo management system as well. This adjustable system comes with four sliding anchor points that can take a weight of half a ton now that’s more than enough to hold a refrigerator or even a medium sized ATV. With this very clever management system you can even put your low profile things on the bed of your truck and close the cover on them.

The only complaint there seems to be about this system is the fitting instructions. It would seem that you would need to read them several times over before you get a grasp of how things should work. The instructions are laden with pictures and illustrations on how things should look, but lack plain English language when describing how they should be done. It seems to be that these were not thought out by an average guy for the average user. The main complaint was that they tended to be more confusing than helpful. But it was able to complete the assembly although it did take a while that brings to mind another old saying “good things come to those that wait.” They, of course made a lot of sense once it was fully assembled. The tools needed for installation were very simple though; a sharp knife for opening the box, a wrench for the clamps and a screwdriver.

The tonneau cover is made from very high quality materials, the material is extremely tough and weather resistant and wont shrink in the extreme cold it can even hold around 350 pounds of snow.

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