City Driving Tips

With constant traffic, red lights and never changer’ id=’spin_7′ onclick=’ShowSpinOptions(7)’>ending roadworks setting out on a car journey in the city is not usually something to look forward to.

There are some top tips however to make your driving experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

Get a car made for the city. Parking is always a nightmare regardless of whether you are good at it or night. Compact car parks and tricky on road spaces can be made a lot easier by getting a smaller car such as a Smart Car which is smaller in length and width can make parking a lot easier as well as avoiding scratches and scrapes. Car clubs are a good option where you can lease a car perfect for city driving.

Weigh up manual vs. automatic. Driving manual cars can make driving stressful and exhausting , particularly in hilly cities. The constant stop and go is annoying so you might be better off with an automatic.

Get help with your parking. Doesn’t that constant reverse beeping really annpy you? Well it’s truly very useful. Rear parking sensors are fairly common, and some luxury cars offer them in the front as well. The camera projects an exact image of what’s behind you on the navigation screen, which can be easier than relying on your ears alone.

Drive economically. Not all of us have access to an eco car so to drive more economically try and drive at a steady speed with less use of the break. If you’re stopped go into neutral. Use the accelerator softly and coast where you can. Remember to fill up before you hit the city, petrol stations are usually in difficult places and hard to find.

Stop the lane change game. Believe it or not, changing lanes frequently will get you there only a few seconds earlier, while greatly increasing your chance of a collision.

Breathe fresh air. City driving usually means a lot of smog and soot. Your air filter protects you and your occupants from breathing the worst of the fumes and the particulates they carry.

Protect your car from law-breaking.You can never be too careful in the city. Never leave valuables or any bags in view. Put all bags in the boot of your car. If you can use anti-theft protection like a wheel lock and  car alarm system then do.

Sat nav anyone? You may think you know your way around the city but one wrong turn and you could end up stuck. Using a sat nav can help you get out of difficult situations and are useful for areas you don’t know.

So there are the top tips. One final point is STAY CALM. People will cut you up, pedestrians will walk out in front of you but getting stressed won’t prevent this it will just increase your blood pressure!

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