Cleaning your Garage for the spring

Your garage looks a lot like a jungle and is very messy because your tools are scattered all around the place. This can make organizing your garage more time consuming than ever. So you need a solution. You need efficient garage tool storage. Another option many people are doing is chainging their own oil using a 2 post lift or automotive jack.

The first thing you have to do is to throw away the things you do not need anymore. Look at your tools and decide on what you use the most and what you do not even look at for months. Get rid of the useless tools.

With the economy being the way it is more and more people are utilizing their garage for car maintannace, it is best to use a lift or other devise as to not play around with 2k+ pound vehicles

If you are finished with purging your tools, then it is time for the next step. Think about how you could possibly design your garage tool storage with what is left of your purging.

There are a lot of possible outcomes and it all depends on how you utilize the tools you have and how you want your garage to look like.

If you desire your tools to be a lot easier to obtain and you always want a good view of the tools you have, go with tool hooks on pegboards. This is not exactly the best look your garage can have but you can always visualize the tools you have and if you want that, then go with this option.

Small garages can have the most use for this because this type of storage only uses the upright space of your garage, so the other areas can still be used.

With smaller garages Car jacks or lifts can make a huge difference if stored in the corner, or even in the floor cavity.

If you want a simpler look or if you have more money to spend, use a cabinet instead.

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