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 Not keeping your cooling system maintained can get you hot under the collar

The cooling system of your automobile, as any auto repair technician will tell you, is one of the most important systems your car has, and you must maintain it correctly.  Your car will last longer and keep its value better if you keep up with its maintenance.  The cooling system is a means by which liquid is circulated throughout the interior of the engine, carrying the heat out to the radiator.  Once it is at the radiator, the liquid is fed through much smaller tubes that are set up to be exposed to the much cooler air coming into your engine compartment from outside your car.  As you can easily see, having that air readily available and efficiently able to pass over the tubes is very important.  This is the first and simplest element in keeping your cooling system maintained; clean the front and back of your radiator at least once per week (you may have a separate transmission cooler and/or air conditioning cooler coil near or attached to your radiator, clean these at the same time).  Use the local car wash to accomplish this, by using the “rinse” function of the hose there.  A pass or two will greatly improve the functionality of your radiator.

In many cars, you only get one chance to let the engine overheat.  Once you do, it warps parts of it and it will never run right again.  Don’t take that chance that your car might be one of them.  Take the steps necessary to ensure a properly running cooling system.  Another helpful hint is to keep your hoses and belts changed regularly.  Hoses especially can be very tricky.  The problem is, especially for those who clean under the hood of their vehicles, that the hoses look fine from the outside.  The inside can be radically different, and a radiator hose can give out on you in the most inconvenient of times.  Usually, it is in the middle of the summer and you are in traffic.  When a hose gives, you are done.  You are pulling the car over and calling a tow truck, because to do anything different is to court disaster.  Many people try to limp their cars home when a hose breaks, not realizing that they are running the engine without its only true method of cooling itself.  How can you avoid all this?

Schedule a hose change at a schedule that your local auto repair specialist recommends.  It may feel like money down the drain, but it won’t when you pass some other poor person at the side of the road with steam billowing out of the hood.  All it takes is one breakdown for you to re-evaluate your priorities and understand the value of a good car repair professional.  The knowledge that a trustworthy mechanic can give you in the area of preventative maintenance is hard to value, because it is wrapped around so much of personal safety and peace of mind.  How can you put a value on not having your kids stuck on the side of the road in the summer heat with tractor-trailer rigs whizzing by at seventy miles-per-hour?  Do what’s needed.  Take the necessary steps that your auto repair technician gives you, and you won’t regret it.  Your car will definitely thank you, and pay you back by running as designed for years to come.

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