Carry Your Mini Air Compressor Anywhere You Need It

Carry them here and bring them there, Air Compressor Pumps can be taken and used anywhere. So I told my buddy, Adam, the other day. And he said to me, “Anywhere? That I would want to see. I am certain I can think of a place that cannot be.”

So I agreed to the dare and asked him where he would need to see me work my air compressor. “Ok,” he said, “certain spots are obvious for good portable Air Compressor Pumps to roam, so let’s begin there, some place easy such as your home.”

As he said, it was easy as pie. I run my air compressor around my home all the time. I used it with my nailer to put up a deck in the yard and to put up the crown moulding in the living room (and with the chop saw I used to cut the moulding). I used the caulking gun to recaulk the shower stall, and a sander to revive a worn-out coffee table. Oh, and after I was done building my gazebo, I used a spray gun along with my portable air compressor for a fast way to spray on the varnish. This is definitely a must-have tool in your house!

“Sure”, he said, “I understand that was simple, but would you, could you, use it in a zoo?”
A zoo? Finding uses for it in a zoo would be just as easy.. Put yourself in the shoes of a zoo keeper and just realize what can be completed. First take a few portable air compressors and each use a grease gun to oil all the cage doors. No more squeaks to annoy the caretakers or irritate the animals galore! And since it is portable, I just move my compressor from cage to cage. And, since I’m already there with my air compressor, why not also use it along with my grinder to take off any rust that might have developed on the cage bars! The uses are limitless, and these are just a handful to prove to my friend that you can, in fact, use an air compressor in a zoo!
“Ok, I guess that wasn’t too difficult. But can you find a way to use it up on your rooftop?

Actually, I thought, that is not that hard either, I certainly would, I could, use portable air compressors on a roof! When up there I may use a drill to tighten the screws holding the vents. To clean up dirty vents, I can just use my grinder to make them sparkle like new again! If I’m up on a flat rooftop, I could even use my spray gun to put on a new coat of paint.

“Ok, you seem to have some easy locations covered without much trouble, but,” said Sam with a glimmer in his eyes, “I bet I may just stump you yet. What might you do with one on the Great Wall of China?” China, what? I’ve traveled there previously so at least I am aware of what is in store. First, although it is portable, I imagine that there is no chance I can take my air compressor as a carry on, so it needs to be checked! And because no extension cord can reach long enough, a gas generator is necessary. Now, I simply took one tool with me, as I generally knew what I had to do, and so I took a cleaning gun. As the wall was ancient, and visited often, it was full of a lot of mud and filth. It took awhile, but cleanworking day and night it wasn’t long before the entire wall was sparkling in the sun. Once that wall was all cleaned up, I heard reports that it was now visible from way out in space!

Now, most portable air compressors do not get to do an act so noble, but regardless of their use, they are able to be used any place you can imagine.

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