Cost Of Car Ownership Calculator

CNET recently featured an overview of a new online car cost calculator.  The calculator has a limited list of cars you can select from so you can pick two vehicles and adjust things like miles driven per year, cost of fuel, and planned years of ownership.  Then it runs an analysis of the lifetime cost of ownership, lifetime cost of fuel, barrels of oil consumed, and emissions produced.  This is a great tool if you are considering purchasing a hybrid or holding off a purchase waiting on a full electric vehicle purchase.

Cash For Clunkers – Chevy Update

As you probably are aware, the government is sponsoring a program where you can get a government voucher for $3,500-$4,500 for your old, inefficient car towards the purchase of a new car.  This program recently got renewed with a bunch of additional cash available for consumers.

I got a letter today from Chevrolet outlining some updated information if you are considering buying a Chevy and have an older car.  Make sure to check this out before November 1, 2009 when the additional funding is scheduled to expire.  Here are the highlights from the letter:

  • Chevy is offering 0% APR for 72 months for qualified buyers on select purchases under the CARS program
  • Chevy offers eight models with an EPA estimated 30 MPG highway or better
  • 2009 Malibu offers an EPA estimated 33 MPG highway.  Better than a comparable 2010 Toyota Camry or 2009 Honda Accord
  • The all new Chevy Equinox is the most fuel-efficient crossover on the highway, offering an EPA estimated 32 MPG highway
  • Plus, Chevy vehicles are backed by a 100,000 mile/ 5 year transferable powertrain warranty
  • Chevy has more eligible new vehicles that will qualify for CARS than any other brand. Period.