Satellite nav Systems revealed

Car sat nav systems are very popular nowadays. These devices attach to your car and provide a map and oral directions on how to get from one place to another. With a car sat nav system, you will no longer get lost or have to rely on confusing directions from Mapquest. However, finding the best sat nav system for you may be a bit of a challenge, as there are so many out there. What is is car sat nav system?

There are two types of devices: Personal Desk Assistant (PDA) based or Personal Navigation Devices (PND’s). PDA-based systems connect to your Palm Pilot or Blackberry and come with a ton of extra features, such as the ability to sync contact lists or make phone calls.

These devices are only worth getting if you plan on using the extra features and are already familiar with PDA’s. Otherwise, you will frustrate yourself trying to figure out how to make the device do what you want it to do. PND’s are also cheaper than PDA-based systems.

There are differences between different PND’s as well. When preparing to purchase one of these devices, you should consider a couple of factors. One is how long you are willing to wait for the device to power up. If you travel a lot for business, you don’t have time to wait for your PND to warm up and calculate a route, whereas someone who is only planning on using it on family vacations can get a model that takes a while to boot up.

You also want to consider whether you want a touch screen, how large the display is, and what options you have when calculating a route. Some PND’s allow you to program them to tell you when a rest stop, gas station, or hotel is coming up on the road. This feature can be very useful during long road trips. Another factor that you should definitely consider is how well the device recalculates the route should you miss a turn in a strange city.

Of course, the biggest issue to consider when purchasing any car sat nav system is price. The more features the device contains, the higher the price you will pay to purchase it. You need to think carefully about which features you will be likely to use before even looking at PND’s so that you won’t get talked into spending extra money or end up with a device that doesn’t do what you need it to do.

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